Woocommerce Multi Currency Store 1.9 Released

//Woocommerce Multi Currency Store 1.9 Released

Woocommerce Multi Currency Store 1.9 Released

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We’ve just released version 1.9 of our Multi Currency Store plugin for Woocommerce.

Why the jump from 1.2 all the way up to 1.9? Well, this version is a complete rewrite of the whole plugin from the ground up (something we’re doing for all of our plugins at the moment) in preparation for a bigger update (version 2), so it made sense to move the versions closer to 2.0 as a indication – mainly for us – so we know which plugins are ready for a bigger release.

Out with the old, in with the new

So, following on from our previous post about Yahoo discontinuing their finance API, this version removes Yahoo as a source for the plugin to get exchange rates from and replaces it with 4 other sources: ExchangeRate-API.com, Open Exchange Rates, Currency Layer and the European Central Bank.

With the exception of the ECB, you will need to sign up to an account with the others, however they all offer a free account we the option of upgrading should you need to get the exchange rates quicker or need more requests.

If you don’t want to use live exchange rates, you still have the option of setting the rates manually.

… and everything else

Rewriting the plugin and replacing Yahoo was a pretty big job in itself, but we did manage to fix a few little bugs that had been brought to our attention while we we’re neck deep in the code. The main one being a bug where the shipping rates would not be calculated correctly at checkout.

Although the update itself looks small on the surface, under the hood its a completely different plugin to what was there before! Rest assured that we have many more features planned that we will be rolling out once the dust has settled on this release and any bugs that do crop up as a result of this release has been fixed.

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