Multi Currency Store

Turn your single currency store into a multi currency store!


Open up your store to the world!

Allow your visitors to browse and purchase in their local currency making their visit a little more personal.

Unlimited Currencies

Need to add another currency to your store? How about two? Or even ten? Add as many currencies as you need and customize each one individually.

Pretty Prices

Have finer control over the converted prices and make them a little prettier by automatically rounding up or down to any number of decimal places after being converted.

Get the Live Exchange Rates

Get the live exchanges rates for all currencies in your store from one of 4 built-in sources and set how often the rates are updated.

Use Your Own Exchange Rates

Don't want to use the live rates? No problem! Set your own exchange rate for each currency. Or maybe use a combination of both live and custom rates - its your choice!

Automatically Set the Visitors Currency

Automatically set the currency to the visitors local currency the moment the land on your store if you have it added to your store.

Custom Prices for Each Currency

You don't have to use the converted prices for each product. Set the price of a product for each currency individually and override the converted price.

Let Them Choose

With the built-in Currency Switcher Widget, you can give your users the option of choosing which currency they see prices in.

Checkout and Pay in Any Currency

With a currency chosen, users can go through the whole checkout process in that currency. Depending on your payment processor, payment can also happen in the selected currency.

Order Tracking

The currency and prices of the order are saved at the time the order is placed so you will always have an accurate record of each order in each currency, even if you remove currencies.

Currency Reporting

Get an in-depth view of your stored performance with the built-in Woocommerce report being extended to allow you to view data for each currency individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got your answers!

Which currencies can I add?

All the currencies that are available in Woocommerce by default can be added to your store. If you have added more currencies to Woocommerce either manually or through a plugin, provide they are added using the built in hooks and filters in Woocommerce, they will also be available to add.

What if I haven't added a users local currency to my store?

If you haven't added a visitors currency to your store, that visitor will be shown prices in your store base currency.

How often can I update the live exchange rates?

The plugin can request the live exchange rates every 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and daily. However, whether the rates are actually updated will depends on the source and the type of account that you have. For example, the ECB only provides exchange rates daily so it wouldn't make sense to set the plugin to request the rates from the ECB every 5 mins.

What currency will users pay in?

This depends on your payment processor. The plugin will change the currency of the order which will be sent to your payment processor. What happens from then is up to your payment procesor. Some payment processors will convert the total to a currency they can process, but others may reject the request. Make sure your payment processor can handle all currencies that you add to your store.

Will this work with [theme-name] theme?

The plugin only makes modifications to Woocommerce itself. So provided the theme works with Woocommerce, there's no reason why it wouldn't work with the plugin.

Will this work with [plugin-name] plugin?

This really does depend on the plugin and what your looking for. If you just want to use 2 plugins together, then there shouldn't be any issues. However if your after functionality of out plugin to be available within another plugin, then unless we've actually added compatibility into the code specifically for that plugin then chances are it work work as your expecting. Don't worry, if your not sure, just get in touch and we'll be able to help you out.