Partial Orders

Better manage your orders by managing individual order items


Keep track of all you shipments

Rather than waiting for all the items in the order to be ready before shipping the order out, send items out immediately and let us keep track of whats been sent out.

Total control Over Your Orders

Manage each item in the order individually by setting how many of that item you have sent and the date that they were sent.

Keep track of the Order

The plugin will automatically keep a track of each shipment that you make for each item in the order. All this information is readily available for you with a click!

Set Items in Bulk

Sending multiple items or completing the order? You can mark multiple items in the order as shipped easily.

New Order Status

We've added a new Partially Completed order status to make managing your order easier. Now you can tell at a glance which order have only been partially fulfilled.

Auto-set the Order Status

The status of the order will be automatically set depending on the status of the items in the order. Shipped some items? The plugin will set the order status to Partially Completed. Shipped them all? It'll set it to Completed. Easy!

Let Them Know it's Coming...

Notify your customer whenever you ship items in their order. The plugin will keep a track of all items that you mark as shipped since the last email was sent out so you can always send them the latest updates about their order.

...and Let Them Track It

Send you shipments out as recorded delivery? Add a tracking number to each partial order email and it'll be included in the email.

Fully Customise the Email

Just like all other emails within Woocommerce, the partial orders email is fully customisable so you can match it to your store or add anything extra to it easily.

Fully Up-to-Date

All item shipments within an order are shown in your stores my account section so your customer will always be kept up to date.

Order Reporting

The new Partially Completed order status is available within the reports so you can have a full breakdown of all orders that are partially completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got your answers!

Can the plugin take payment only when the items are shipped?

No. That is outside the scope of what this plugin was intended for. The plugin was only designed to help you manage your orders better in the backend and does not interfere in any of the purchasing functionality provided by Woocommerce.

When is the partial order email sent to the customer?

Sending the email is a manual process and will require you to actually click the button in the order to send it. Once clicked, the email will be sent out immediately.

Can the partial order email be sent out automatically?

We decided against this because it would be very inconsistent. Although we could schedule the plugin to check if any emails need to out whenever we wanted, the actual sending of the email would depend completely on Wordpress and when it would run its own cron. With the way Wordpress handles cron, the chance that your customer would get the email very late was too high, so we decided not to automate it and preferred a manual process.

Does this plugin work with Wordpress Multisite?

Yes it does.

Will this work with [theme-name] theme?

Yes. The plugin has the majority of its functionality built into the backend of Wordpress/Woocommerce. There is no reason why this would not work with any theme out there.

Will this work with [plugin-name] plugin?

This really does depend on the plugin and what your looking for. If you just want to use 2 plugins together, then there shouldn't be any issues. However if your after this functionality of our plugin to be available within another plugin, then unless we've actually added compatibility into the code specifically for that plugin (or the other plugins developers have) then chances are it won't work as your expecting. Don't worry, if your not sure, just get in touch and we'll be able to help you out.