Purchase Limits

Limit what and how much can be bought from your store


Set limits on your store

Force your users to buy a certain amount, or stop them from buying too much. Whatever you choose, it can be done!

Set Purchase Limits for Products

Whether its for all products in your store or on each product individually, you can set a limit on how much of each product can be bought by shoppers. Until the limit for each product is met, shoppers will not be able to checkout.

Set Purchase Limits on the Cart

Set a purchase limit on either the total quantity of products in the cart, or the total value of the cart, or even a combination of the two. Until this limit is satisfies, shoppers will be stopped from checking out.

Set Purchase Limits for Categories

Similar to cart limits, set a quantity or total value limit for any category. Shoppers must have products in the cart from this category whose quantity or value meets the limits that have been set before they can continue to the checkout.

Required Products

Require shoppers to have certain product (or more) in the cart before being able to checkout by setting a product to be required. Categories can also me set as required will be require a product within that category to be present in the cart before checking out.

Fully Customisable Errors and Notifications

Fully customise each and every error message and notification for each limit using a robust templating system. Everything from the add to cart messages to the errors shown on the cart page can be customised easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got your answers!

So shoppers won't be able to checkout until the limits have been met?

That's correct. Shoppers will be notified throughout the shopping process and will be shown messages on the cart page notifying them of the limits. They will not be able to proceed to the checkout until all limits are met.

How do product limits work?

Product limits require to shopper to have a specific amount of that product in the cart before checkout out.

What about variations? How are they handle?

Each variation will have its own limit so you can limit certain or all variations of a product individually. However, you can also limit the whole product if you are not concerned about each individual variation.

How do category limits work?

Category limits work in much the same way as cart limits, but are only applied for products that belong to that cart. When setting a limit on a category (both quantity or value), the shopper but have product from that category in their cart and the total quantity or total value of those products only must meet the category limit set befroe checking out.

What does requiring a product mean?

It means that product (or a product from a required category) must be in the cart before the shopper can proceed to the checkout.

Do I have to get a minimum and a maximum limit?

No, you can set one only, or set both.