Woocommerce SEO

Probably the only SEO plugin you'll ever need for Woocommerce!


Rise in the search rankings

Get that elusive number one position a little easier by making a number of SEO improvement to Woocommerce

Remove the Product Category Base

They said it couldn't be done, but we did it anyway! Remove the product category base (product-category by default) from the URL giving you a shorted, cleaner URL.

Keyword Rich URL for Filters

When using the layered navigation widget to filter products, we've replaced the ugly parameters and IDs that are added by default and replaced them with the actual attribute values making the URL full of keywords which will no doubt help with your SEO.

Auto-generated Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for Categories

Does it really make sense to have the same page title for your category pages when using the filters also? With our SEO plugin you have the ability to create a template for your page titles and meta descriptions and the plugin will automatically create the page title and meta description based on the filters that are currently selected. Now, each page with a category can have its own unique page title and meta description make it easier to rank then in the search engines.

Auto-generated Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for Products

Similar to the categorires, the page title and meta description for your products can also be automatically generated. Simply create the template using a number of tags that will be replaced with specific information about the product, and the plugin will create the page title and meta description on the fly. Useful if you have a lot of products!

Custom Page Title and Meta Descriptions

Need something a bit more specific than the generated ones? No problem. The plugin gives you the option of writing a custom page title and meta description for any category or product which will be used instead of the auto-generated one, giving you total control of the page title and meta description for some (or all) of your categories and products should you need it.

No index/follow

If you need to NoIndex/NoFollow any category or product page, now you can with ease. Its literally as simple as ticking and box and let the plugin do what it needs to. Simple!

Keyword Rich Breadcrumbs

By default, only the category name is shown in the breadcrumbs no matter what filters are selected. Our SEO plugin modifies this, just like the URL, and adds the keywords of the filters into the breadcrumbs in the order that they were selected. Now your users will know exactly how they got to any page and can navigate back whenever they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got your answers!

Does this also remove the product base (/product by default)?

Currently, no it does not. Although it is something we experimented with, removing the product base caused too many issues so we decided to hold of on adding this feature for now until we found a solution that worked well.

Will this add SEO functionality to Wordpress?

No. The plugin was only designed to handle the SEO of Woocommerce and leave the SEO of Wordpress to other more capable plugins.

Can I use this with another SEO plugin?

Yes you can, in fact, in our opinion its the best setup. You only need to make sure that whatever other plugin you are using does not override changes that our plugin makes. Although we've taken measures within our plugin to ensure that this does not happen for some of the most popular SEO plugins (Yoasts, All-in-One) if you have the capability within the other plugin to disable it from handling Woocommerce and its taxonomies, that would be best.

How are the page titles and meta description auto-generated?

We use the same convention that Wordpress uses for its shortcodes. When writing the page title for, say, a category, you can add a number of tags to the page title that will act as place holders. So for example, if you have a T-shirt category and a color attribute, you can create a page title template like: Amazing [color] T-shirts. When a user first browses to the T-shirt category, because a color attribute hasn't been selected, the plugin will output 'Amazing T-shirts' as the page title. When the users filters the T-shirts by a color (say, blue), the plugin will output the page title as 'Amazing Blue T-shirts'. See the documentation for the plugin for more information on the various options you can use when creating the templates.

Theres no mention of meta keywords. Can this plugin add meta keywords?

No it can't. Meta keywords are no longer used/read by any of the search engines and so we have not included them in the plugin.

Will this work with [theme-name] theme?

Yes. The plugin has the majority of its functionality built into the backend of Wordpress/Woocommerce. There is no reason why this would not work with any theme out there.